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Are Fibroblasts the Answer?

Visiting Research Fellow Dr Paul Drew from the Solid Cancer Regulation Research Group is looking at the role local fibroblasts play in controlling prostate cancer.

“A very significant percentage of the male population will get non cancerous or premalignant changes in the prostate, but only a small percentage go on to the malignant and metastatic stage which can kill them,” Dr Drew said.

“What’s causing this to happen? There are probably a number of factors, but fibroblasts appear to be a key player.”

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Researching Around the Cancer

If a prostate cancer diagnosis wasn’t bad enough, many men are then faced with the possibility that the disease has, or will spread to other parts of the body.

Dr Grant Buchanan and the Cancer Biology Group based at the Basil Hetzel Institute, are looking to determine the best treatment options for these men. Continue reading

Brothers Battle Together

Adam Czechowski has always looked out for his younger brother John.

So it was no surprise when Adam was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he encouraged John to recommence his PSA (prostate specific antigen) monitoring, a call which probably saved his life.

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Following Footsteps for APC

It’s been 70 years since 14 commandos embarked on Operation Jaywick, a daring attack on Japanese ships anchored in Singapore’s harbour.

To mark the anniversary six men will follow their footsteps in September to raise money for Australian Prostate Cancer (APC) and Help for Heroes (a UK charity). Continue reading

United we Dine for Prostate Cancer

We know you’re committed to finding a cure and improving care for prostate cancer. But why not get your friends involved by inviting them to this exciting new fundraiser?

Have your friends over for dinner as part of The Longest Table – United We Dine on Saturday, October 26 to help raise money for research into this devastating disease through Australian Prostate Cancer (APC). Continue reading