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Turmeric to Combat Prostate Cancer?

A spice in most people’s pantry may hold the key to beating prostate cancer.

Over the past four years, Lauren Giorgio, who is part of the Cancer Biology Group at the Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research in South Australia, has been investigating an innovative potential therapy for the disease. The focus of her work has been on Curcumin, which is one component of the common household spice Turmeric.

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A ‘Mo-off’ for Prostate Cancer

Huge thanks to the team at Expro Canning Vale in Western Australia for supporting Australian Prostate Cancer Research with their recent ‘Mo-off’ fundraiser!

The Expro Team in Kuala Lumpur challenged their Aussie counterparts to a Mo-Off: The team sporting the finest moustachery by the end of November would be classed as the winners. The winners had $1000 Dollars donated to their chosen charity by the losers. Continue reading

Stopping the Spread

PhD student Damien Leach has watched his uncle and several friends’ fathers suffer from prostate cancer. This drives him as he investigates how and why prostate cancer spreads to other parts of the body in some people and not in others. Continue reading

Helping men through their diagnosis

Despite 1 in 4 Australian men experiencing a prostate cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, the subject is still very much a taboo.

Many men are too embarrassed to discuss their diagnosis and what it means, even with their doctor.

This can leave them feeling distant and not making informed decisions about their treatment. It also means family and friends are left feeling helpless and uneducated about the disease and what their loved one is going through. Continue reading

“I’m grateful to be alive…” – Geoff’s Story

If it wasn’t for his partner’s need for a good night’s sleep, 64-year-old Geoff Murch might no longer be with us.

Waking up numerous times a night to empty his bladder had become normal to Geoff, but for his partner Gilda, the disturbed nights became too much.

At Gilda’s plea, it was off to the doctor for Geoff. After a consultation he was referred to the Calvary Hospital in North Adelaide for a PSA test. After further tests, Geoff was diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer – a complete shock. Continue reading