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Learning cell interactions – Researcher Profile Eric Smith

One of Australian Prostate Cancer’s researchers is Dr Eric Smith. We sat down with him recently to find out a bit more about his research and what motivates him to find a cure for a disease which affects 1 in 4 Australian men.

Dr Smith is looking at the use of fibroblasts (which occur in our body) and their effect on cancer cells, some fight the cancer, while others cause it to grow. Continue reading

Understanding Prostate Cancer – Researcher Profile Helen Palethorpe

PhD student Helen Palethorpe’s prostate cancer research is very personal to her – she recently lost her great uncle and a close friend to the disease.

Helen is passionate about her research and is currently investigating the role of fibroblasts in solid cancers and how they interact and regulate tumour growth. Fibroblasts are cells which produce the fibres that hold tissues together and the gel that fills spaces between cells.

Continue reading