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Long-Term Outlook Critical for Prostate Cancer Survivors

Sadly, one in seven Australian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer before the age of 75.

The good news is survival rates are improving thanks to early detection and treatment, meaning long-term satisfaction is becoming increasingly important when making decisions about treatment.

A recent study sought to explore this issue further, enabled by the support of Australian Prostate Cancer’s (APC) generous donors to inform future care. Continue reading

A New Piece in the Prostate Cancer Puzzle

In a promising new development, scientists working tirelessly at the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) have identified that high levels of a protein called ‘quaking’ contributes to the poor outlook for prostate cancer tumours that have become resistant to chemotherapy and other treatments. Continue reading

Cancer killing T cells fighting prostate cancer

Cancer fighting T cells already present in our blood may hold the key to fighting tumours in prostate cancer, replacing the need for invasive surgery.

Research from the Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research (BHI), has found that activated T cells delivered to a localised area enhances their cancer killing potential. This is particularly effective when treating the early stages of prostate and breast cancers, which develop in a confined space. Continue reading

Revolutionary Research to Stop the Spread of Prostate Cancer

While there are many treatments available for prostate cancer, once the disease spreads, it becomes more difficult to treat. Professor Greg Goodall and his team at the Centre for Cancer Biology are leading vital research to stop the growth and spread of this devastating disease. They are focused on one crucial molecule which plays an important role in our body – the RNA molecule. Continue reading

Revolutionary Research Enhancing Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

We’re so proud to support Professor Doug Brooks’ life-changing prostate cancer research that will help better detect and ultimately treat this devastating disease. With partner The Hospital Research Foundation we were able to make a significant contribution, with The University of South Australia to purchase a 3D HiTech Pannoramic Scanner that will assist Prof Brooks in detecting prostate cancer through a high tech system and revolutionise the way men are diagnosed. Learn more about his lifesaving research. Continue reading