Rallying Around the World for Prostate Cancer Research

Participating in an adventure rally of a lifetime, four mates from Queensland and Nuneaton in England, Dave Taylor, Ray Hobbs, Ryan Watts and Gavin Fulleylove spent two months driving over 17,000 kilometres for the Mongol Rally, raising vital funds and awareness for Australian Prostate Cancer (APC).

The Mongol Rally began in London and took the group six weeks to complete, finishing in Ulan Ude, Russia. With the rules of the rally being they could only take a small vehicle, the four men travelled in a 15-year-old Daihatsu Terios, completely on their own with no support, raising $1,400 for prostate cancer research through APC.

“The Mongol Rally isn’t a race, it’s about participating in an adventure, driving an old, small car with a small engine that is unsuited to the journey that lies ahead and overcoming obstacles and challenges you will inevitably face,” Dave said.

With a challenge ahead of them, the group decided to donate funds raised towards prostate cancer research, each of them knowing at least one person who has been affected by the heartbreaking disease.

“I think research is vitally important in reducing the effects of diseases such as prostate cancer,” Dave explained.

“Choosing to donate to prostate cancer research through APC gave the rally meaning to us. Knowing we were doing something good for others whilst partaking in this adventure motivated us when we faced challenges along the way.

“We covered our car with the APC logo, which created conversation between other participants and also foreigners in the countries we travelled through, raising awareness and hopefully reminding men the importance of regular checks.”

We thank Dave, Ray, Ryan and Gavin for choosing APC as their charity of choice, completing an inspiring journey in memory of loved ones who lost their battle with prostate cancer and raising funds that will save lives through vital research.

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